Becoming Angry For No Reason: My Newborn Anger Issues

I think I have anger management issues. Recently, I’ve realized that I’m becoming angrier at more things, more of the time. I’m getting absurdly angry at objects, events, and most certainly of all- people. People have always pissed me off (people probably piss off most people), but it’s getting to be more extreme lately. 

-Accurate representation of my current feelings-

Like, my road rage is at an all time high right now. Every time I step into a car (driving or not) I suddenly feel the need to call every other driver “A fucking dumb-ass bitch whore,” as well as some other unmentionables everyone’s a fucking dumb idiot, people need to fix themselves stop hogging the motherfucking road bitch

I’ve never felt to angry before, at least not all the time like I am now. I have no one to talk to about these feelings, so I’m telling the internet. LIKE FREE THERAPY OMG. I have no idea where this constant elevation of my anger came from. 

I feel sick.



SUMMER TIME SADNESS (not a reference… no way)

It’s almost summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! multiple exclamations to get across my feelings

So, I just wanted to take a moment and talk about what’s going on with me right now. I know that not a ton of people will read this, but I treat this blog more as a diary-type-thing anyways.


Oh so rad | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

And my allergies are kicking in, and I feel like crap, and I have to take a flipping final ON MY BIRTHDAY, and I’m so done right about now. Nonetheless, I will try to keep it together for the 3 days I have to take my finals. BUT I DON’T WANNA~ Silly Suicidal | via Tumblr unter We Heart It.

Also, as I said just now. My birthday is coming up! And yes, I have to take a final that day, but it’s Japanese so I’ll be out in a flash- I’m really confident in that class. I’m actually feeling a bit excited for my upcoming birthday and I have no idea why. Last year’s was kind of boring- I just wasn’t feeling it last year. My plan for my birthday is:

  1. Wake up and hopefully feel fine enough to go take my Japanese final in peace.
  2. Come home, pick up my momma, and go get pedicures (note to self: shave legs before going).
  3. Pick up my brother from school- gloat that it’s my birthday to him and state I’m fabulous because it’s my birthday and it’s not his birthday.
  4. Come back home, anxiously wait for my dad to get home from work, and go to Red Lobster to dine on my favorite food.
  5. Food Coma.
  6. Finally make way back home and fall asleep in happiness and bliss because of the delicious food I had just consumed.
  7. Take the entire next day and sleep!

Life’s good… Kinda.



Terminal Laziness

I’m lazy as fuck. I can’t even try to deny it anymore. I don’t even think to myself, “I’ll just do it later,” or, “It’s okay, I’ll just do it some other time,” at all anymore. I’ve completely accepted my laziness to the point that I think to myself like this now:

And I usually choose the lazy, useless piece of shit option because I truly enjoy being a lazy, useless piece of shit. I”m happy this way, AND BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY! totally not a Lady Gaga reference

I used to feel bad about not exercising at all, and I’d try to take walks once in a while, but now:

Kayla Marie | via Tumblr on We Heart It<br /><br /><br />

I would feel bad about not doing my homework, or never studying. Even though I procrastinated to the extreme, I’d still feel bad. BUT NOW:


I feel good when I’m lazy. I don’t need to be productive to feel good about myself. I LIKE to be a lazy ass person. I look forward to getting home everyday so that I can hunker my ass down on the couch and be lazy.

No one can save me now. I’m in too deep.


What Sucks About Summer

It gets hot. Real Hot. like me No but fur real…I can’t handle this heat. Yesterday I was literally complaining every 12.43 seconds and was sprawled out on the kitchen floor. I know it’s still spring, BUT GOD DAMN IF THIS IS SPRING THAN WHAT’S SUMMER GOING TO BE LIKE!

Found this cute image that accurately represents me and everything I feel right now:


And when it get’s hot, girls start wearing booty-shorts and super short dresses. No. I wear long skirts and flowy tops. I ain’t about to walk outside and have my dress shoot up from the wind, and have my underwear there for all to see. it’s happened to me before so…

However, I wish I could be cute like some girls. They’re all like:

i did a selfie, is that how it works? idk

While I’m all like:

its so hot today i was just laying on the floor all day. even when i had to move to get something i would just roll my way there

Ugh. I’m ready to move to Antarctica now.




If you go to a school with a quarter system, then good luck to you. It’s time for midterms. 

I’m not ready. My first one is tomorrow for microeconomics and I think I should just give up now. I DON’T WANNA! I’m so done with studying you have no idea.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that summer can’t come any faster. I’m ready to lay on my couch all day eating tons of pizza and ice cream whilst watching people exercise outside. That’s the life. Slob time is my favorite time.

Grumpy Monday fashions……….bitchez. 




I have officially started my spring break. FINALS ARE OVAAAAHHH.

For the next week I’m going to sleep, eat pizza, and watch considerable amounts of Dr. Phil to make me feel better about my lazy sexy self.

On another note… Why be textbooks so expensive? Huh?! Anyone got an answer for me? I usually rent my textbooks, so I can leisurely float by everyone bitching about how much money books cost, BUT WAIT—-

I only needed one textbook this term so I was like, “That’s great! I’ll rent it and it’ll be all good!”

That’s not what happened. As I was researching the textbook I found out that to rent it it was AT LEAST $120. No, just no. No no no no no no no. I wasn’t even looking at the exact copy the professor said to get, I was looking at the normal edition without any extra crap.

As I was crying and complaining I looked the textbook up on BigWords (I really need to use this site more often), and and angel must have been looking down on me because I found a copy to rent for just around $50. I was so happy, but really though, that’s still expensive. Anyway, I got one of the last copies they had and I feel good pretty good about it. I know I don’t pay nearly as much as some people for their textbooks, but I’m cheap, and I really hate spending money on stupid stuff that is outrageously overpriced.

Here’s a picture of this bitch:



Finals in College Makes Me Cry

For the past few days I have been living off of coffee and energy drinks, I expect a heart attack in the next 2.5 days. Finals literally suck the life out of you and there’s no time to fit anything in. 

The good thing is I at least payed some attention in my classes all throughout the term, so I’m not totally at a loss. 




*Ahem* anyway….. I have a Japanese final I’m studying for like- 

How I write when listening to dubstep.

An English final where I’m like-

And my stupid ass hadtotakebecauseit’srequired career class where I’m like-

And I pay for this shit.

Good luck guys on your education expenditures.