What Surgery Feels Like

Hi, all! I just want to warn you all before you read this post that my anesthesia is still wearing off and I’m on some pain med cocktail so I’m not 100%. I don’t plan on changing this post after I “wake up” because this is going to be a true reflection on my surgery- spelling mistakes and all.

So this afternoon I went in to get breast surgery to remove a tumor. Don’t worry, they say there’s no signs of cancer. When I finally got wheeled bag to start getting an IV started it took them two times and finally they got it in the crook of my arm. It hurt like a bitch and later I found out why.

I waited like an hour before everyone was ready, the doctors and nurses, etc. When my anesthesiologist rolled my back to the surgery room- I still hadn’t had my sleepy pills yet- I had this weird burning sensation in my arm. I was like, “Is it normal for it to burn?”

Of course it’s not and he looked at it and was like, “oh wow”. The nurses and everyone there looked at it and went “Oh, wow”. My IV failed and the saline was going into my tissue and and my upper arm was swelling. Everyone was saying how sorry they were about it. They got me moved to the surgery table and pot slots out on each side of me to lay my legs on. The anesthesiologist put an oxogyn mask on and gave me some laughing gas and something else I can’t remember to make me feel better. It was pretty funny and I told them I was having the best trip of my life. They were also playing rock music in the room so I was having a great time.

So they took the IV out of my left arm anda nurse held down my right arm while this cute asian guy started sticking a needle in. I remember it hurt but I was to mellowed out to care. I was laughing up a storm and I remember the cute guy saying he’d never heard someone laugh as much as I did. Aparently I was awake in that room for half an hour with the nurses before I blacked out but I only remember a little. The last thing I remember was looking over and seeing my surgen look me in the eye.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in a recovery room with a really nice nurse filling out some paperwork next to me. My IV ended up in my LEFT FOOT. I have 10 or 11 pokes throught my arms and feet. Good thing I didn’t feel most of it.

My mom came in and we all talked and I drank some water and took some pills and I remember singing to the nurse. I was nauseues to the nurse gave me something through my IV and I felt better. I went pee and it was all good. Aparently my mom told me she was with me in that room for 30-45 minutes but it didn’t really feel that long. I also was in surgery for an hour and a half even though it was supposed to only take 45 minutes. I’m told it’s because they had to monitor me through the IV for a bit. And man, if I got poked 10 times I feel sorry for them. I also remember telling the cute guy poking me and the nurse that was holding my arm that I was sorry that they had to do this and the. my exact words, “emotional trauma” must be hard for them. I remember they all laughed and said that they were sorry they had to do that to me and I shouldn’t feel bad for them.

The surgen told my mom that my tumor was slippery so it was hard for him to get out but he did and he only took a teeny tiny bit of breast tissue with it which is great and what he wanted to do. It was the size of a golf ball- woah.

The journey home was fine but all the car lights made me nauseus but it was okay.I laid on the couch and my mom and brother got me some fries from mcdonalds, bless their hearts. I really wanted chipolte- I was telling all the doctors and nurses I wanted chipotle- but alas I can’t have spicy food so boo hoo. Maybe I can get it tomorrorw.

Other than that I’ve been chillin and I know that I’m out of it but I’m bored so I’m writing this.

Hopefully when I’m more awake I can write a full blog post on my surgery if you’d like.

Bye for now.

-Jasmine, the boob expert


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