I Hate Being an Adult

My first legitimate day off and what am I going to do? Study, eat, and write a blog post of course!

I go to school 5 days a week, Monday through Friday… ew. I also work usually three days a week… ew. So, somehow, I managed to get a Saturday off. Yayyyyyyyy. I don’t know about you, but my favorite thing to do is to do nothing.

Anyway, over the past two months I’ve become enlightened to a very important thought, and that thought is- I REALLY FUCKING HATE BEING AN ADULT. I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT. Jesus, seriously, being an adult sucks. I’m tired all the time, but I have to keep going. I’ve learned to drink vast amounts of black coffee, and have learned how to use dissociation when at work for long periods of time. Complain, Complain, Complain– isn’t complaining what adult life really is?

Sorry if my posts are sporadic and short on this blog, but I’m being forced into being an adult right now.


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