Moving on Up- Kind of.

Starting a new job is always awkward. My orientation for my new source of monetary consistency is tomorrow at a shoe store. I’m actually a bit excited as this is a place that I actually shop at, and what broke college gal doesn’t lust after shoes? Plus, I got hired on for more than minimum wage, so I am MOVING ON UP. The Jeffersons would be proud.

I’m also starting college again next week. I’m actually super excited for that, surprisingly. I just really love learning, I really do. And this term I’m taking all fun and interesting classes, so I’m all set. I also payed my tuition yesterday. Ew.

Can we just think about the fact that college is SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE MAN LIKE WTF WHYYYYYYYYY for a minute. Why. I’m a broke college student working a stupid low paying retail job, and someone thinks that I just have thousands of dollars in my pocket readily awaiting to pay for school. Again, ew.



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