Terminal Laziness

I’m lazy as fuck. I can’t even try to deny it anymore. I don’t even think to myself, “I’ll just do it later,” or, “It’s okay, I’ll just do it some other time,” at all anymore. I’ve completely accepted my laziness to the point that I think to myself like this now:

And I usually choose the lazy, useless piece of shit option because I truly enjoy being a lazy, useless piece of shit. I”m happy this way, AND BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY! totally not a Lady Gaga reference

I used to feel bad about not exercising at all, and I’d try to take walks once in a while, but now:

Kayla Marie | via Tumblr on We Heart It<br /><br /><br />

I would feel bad about not doing my homework, or never studying. Even though I procrastinated to the extreme, I’d still feel bad. BUT NOW:


I feel good when I’m lazy. I don’t need to be productive to feel good about myself. I LIKE to be a lazy ass person. I look forward to getting home everyday so that I can hunker my ass down on the couch and be lazy.

No one can save me now. I’m in too deep.



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