What Sucks About Summer

It gets hot. Real Hot. like me No but fur real…I can’t handle this heat. Yesterday I was literally complaining every 12.43 seconds and was sprawled out on the kitchen floor. I know it’s still spring, BUT GOD DAMN IF THIS IS SPRING THAN WHAT’S SUMMER GOING TO BE LIKE!

Found this cute image that accurately represents me and everything I feel right now:


And when it get’s hot, girls start wearing booty-shorts and super short dresses. No. I wear long skirts and flowy tops. I ain’t about to walk outside and have my dress shoot up from the wind, and have my underwear there for all to see. it’s happened to me before so…

However, I wish I could be cute like some girls. They’re all like:

i did a selfie, is that how it works? idk

While I’m all like:

its so hot today i was just laying on the floor all day. even when i had to move to get something i would just roll my way there

Ugh. I’m ready to move to Antarctica now.




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