I have officially started my spring break. FINALS ARE OVAAAAHHH.

For the next week I’m going to sleep, eat pizza, and watch considerable amounts of Dr. Phil to make me feel better about my lazy sexy self.

On another note… Why be textbooks so expensive? Huh?! Anyone got an answer for me? I usually rent my textbooks, so I can leisurely float by everyone bitching about how much money books cost, BUT WAIT—-

I only needed one textbook this term so I was like, “That’s great! I’ll rent it and it’ll be all good!”

That’s not what happened. As I was researching the textbook I found out that to rent it it was AT LEAST $120. No, just no. No no no no no no no. I wasn’t even looking at the exact copy the professor said to get, I was looking at the normal edition without any extra crap.

As I was crying and complaining I looked the textbook up on BigWords (I really need to use this site more often), and and angel must have been looking down on me because I found a copy to rent for just around $50. I was so happy, but really though, that’s still expensive. Anyway, I got one of the last copies they had and I feel good pretty good about it. I know I don’t pay nearly as much as some people for their textbooks, but I’m cheap, and I really hate spending money on stupid stuff that is outrageously overpriced.

Here’s a picture of this bitch:





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