Post-2013 Reflections

This last year was a long one for me, and I changed a lot. Mushy, mushy, I’m better now, flowers and rainbows. LOL.

Hahaha, but really. It started off rocky, but it turned out great. And I hope 2014 is even better. I have my weight loss resolutions written out like any good post-holiday-eating-until-you’re-an-elephant mortal would have. I even bought a fitness DVD, SO THERE! I want motivation this year, as well as being able to accept my laziness. {{{Hypocrisy, turned on!}}}

I didn’t feel anything special as 2013 ended. I just pondered about how old I am, and I’m really not that old. Things progress so fast nowadays that time gets messed up, I think.

School is going to be starting up again, and I’m ready to start being productive.

Have a Merry 2014 ya’ll. 


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