I’ve been having quite a few bizarre dreams lately. 

Just last night I had a dream where I was fighting in a war, I don’t know what war, and my left leg got blown off. From my knee cap to my foot, it all went bye bye. And in my head I can see a clear image of my gory, messed up leg. The bones, the red muscle, the veins, everything. I even remember waking up a bit and feeling myself crying because I was in so much pain. I truly felt that my leg had been blown off. In a war. That I had no idea what I was doing in. 

After that, I somehow ended up getting a fake leg, a wooden one (I know, so 1800’s). And these guys I apparently knew picked me up from the hospital I was at. I know something else happened after that, but I just can’t remember.

I’ve been having a TON of these types of dreams lately. This post would be way too long if I talked about all of them. So, I shall leave it be. 

Note to self, I really should keep a dream journal. 


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