Books and TMI.

I’ve been reading a lot lately, something I haven’t done in a while. I re-read the Harry Potter Series, which is like, so totally awesome. I bought a ton of new books as well which I’m systematically eating up (and I’m being absolutely literal :P). I’m feeling a bunch better and have come to the conclusion that my down in the dumps attitude stemmed from my abnormally long period. Is that TMI? Whatevs, no one cares. 

Now I’m feeling motivated and much happier. I’m getting around to cleaning my uber-messy room. I used to keep it clean but just let it slide, among other things too. 

I’m getting in to watching walkthroughs of The Last of Us. It’s great and it’s tempting me to fork out the cash to get a PS3, or maybe wait for the PS4. 


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