Star Trek Into Darkness

On Sunday I went to go see a late showing of the new Star Trek movie. It was pretty good I must say, although if you know nothing of the series you may not understand some parts, or miss some things. 

I also kind of embarrassed myself. It was a super crowded theater and we were lucky to find seats. As we were walking up the stairs I tripped…twice! My crap flew everywhere and I was just saying, “shit, shit, shit,” over and over again like my life depended on it. 

And did anyone else really want Khan to turn out good in this movie? I mean, we all knew he wasn’t going to change, but still. Maybe it was because I could sorta-kinda sympathize with him (even though I would never have trusted him, really), or because the actor playing him was Benedict Cumberbatch. I dunno.

Ahh, Sherlock.

It was a pretty good movie though. I give it a thumbs up. You should totes go watch it if you can.




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