High School Sucks Ass

So basically I’m joining this program for my senior year of high school that lets me take all my classes at the community college so I get dual-credit. Fuck yeah.

I’m more than just a little excited because I get to leave my stupid ass high school and the stupid ass people in it. Plus, the program is paying for everything so I can wipe a year off of college for free.

As I am doing placement testing and picking out my classes I can’t help but hope this entire experience turns out to be just like this:


I feel like my life would be complete if this was somehow how every community college turned out to be.

Now as my so called “normal” high school experience is coming to an end I cannot wait until the last day comes so I can tell everyone I’ve ever come into contact with there this-


I guess you can tell from this post that I’m really happy. I’m now feeling like how I did in elementary school when I got to leave for an appointment and I was all like:


I finally feel like my life is starting to move. I’m actually looking forward to the future and getting able to something that not everyone gets to. I feel super rad now guyz.

Now enjoy this photo I’m really proud of taking when it was raining the other day. I feel it’s totally artistic and hipster. I’m very proud.



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